Bugs found by players

  • and again me

    this time used creative world to find these:

    1) Shulker box limit is not enforced when using a dispenser

    2) Creative copy with nbt data doesn't work +NBT is correctly shown when in inventory

    But when placed it only creates an empty chest

    I got that some months ago too. I already told this to Kademlia and i tried to find the exact way how to reproduce that bug:

    Oh ok I did not know that something happend after that report couple of month ago

    But you are right when I place a chest on the same spot I can access the items again

    But when I destroy the chest ("loose" Items) and then relog and then place there a chest again the Items are still gone

    But when I destroy the chest ("loose" Items) and then reload the cunks (F3+A) and place a chest there again the Items are still accessible

    So I would think that there is maybe some sort of server side cache inside the XRay plugin that caches the Chest contest so that they can be reinserted when changin from a redstone block to the chest. And that a relog clears that information

    We need to know:

    - does newly generated chunks have that bug "pre-defined" or does something trigger this?

    Tested this in the farmworld and also works there (you need to go down below Height ??? because the anti X-Ray does not hide chests above a certain height

    I know that these chunks are not "new" but thats the newest I can get

    did someone before me loaded that chunk, or was it me?

    I think that the chunk has not been unloaded since this also happens when you do quick teleports (around 1s should be enought)

    EDIT: Tested it with a chunk of the Farmworld that is most likely not already generated and works there also (that chunk is black on the dynmap)

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  • Hej!

    I think i found something interesting.
    It's not directly a bug but it could affect the server.

    The snowballs are not despawning, guess that's not good for the performance?

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  • TigA  crazyelectronics

    Fixed the chestbug. It was caused by a small oversight in copy paste

            if (flag) {
                iblockdata1 = (IBlockData) this.blockIds.setBlock(i, j, k, iblockdata);
                this.obfuBlockIds.setBlock(i, j, k, iblockdata);
            } else {
                iblockdata1 = (IBlockData) this.blockIds.b(i, j, k, iblockdata);
                this.obfuBlockIds.b(i, j, k, iblockdata);

    While updating from 1.12 to 1.16 in terms of anti xray i accitentaly duplicated the lines and overwrote " iblockdata1 = " two times in each if case

  • 1) Shulker box limit is not enforced when using a dispenser

    Shulker Boxes are a special case generally on ETM (in terms of management in code as well as being OP for farmworld farming). They will be disabled at least in the beginning. I disabled them in dispensers

    2) Creative copy with nbt data doesn't work +NBT is correctly shown when in inventory

    Should be disabled now. Only known itemstacks can be copied. This means all player-heads cannot be copied unless they are saved into the official h_NAME system

    Sheeps eating gras aren't growing any new fur.

    Vanilla for now again

    The snowballs are not despawning, guess that's not good for the performance?

    Fixed for all types of projectiles. They will die after 500 ticks of flying upwards (getting pushed up).

  • - The screen for research system start cycling if opended directly with f

    - Players can move other players with fishing rods and so kill other players in non pvp zones by moving them into the air.

    edit: 2. picture added, If you look in a different direction after opening the tablist again you get the middle part bugging around like this. Funny is, that the curser swaps from the main part to the small part like it is supposed to be like that.

  • Baum wächst über Inselgrenze hinaus.

    Dieser Baumteil kann nicht abgebaut werden.

    Es ist ein Eichenbaum, bei dem noch ein Holzblock beim Laub ist. Daher verschwindet das Laub nicht.

    Ist nur eine optische Sache.

    Evtl. kann man beim Wachsen den Teil eines Baum blockieren, der über die eigene Grenze hinaus geht. War das nicht bei Kadcon so?

  • Reserach Exosuit

    bin gerade am erforschen vom Exosuit.

    Bei Research Efficiency Stufe 7 stockt die Forschung:

    Eiche und Fichte fertig, Akazie zu ca. 60%. Dann gehts aber nicht mehr weiter, obwohle 3 Stasks Akazienholz in der research chamber vorhanden.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Bugs found by players outside of the stream” to “Bugs found by players”.
  • - Hoppers are too fast. They transport 16 items at once (intendet, lag-reducing), but they (seem to) do it at the speed of normal hoppers. So stacks of the same item are transported at a speed of 2,5 items/second * 16 = 40 items/second. Testet in world islandsV1.