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    - The screen for research system start cycling if opended directly with f

    - Players can move other players with fishing rods and so kill other players in non pvp zones by moving them into the air.

    i guess thats just a test from kade?

    I got that some months ago too. I already told this to Kademlia and i tried to find the exact way how to reproduce that bug:

    I did what you did before - teleport away (and then closer) -

    and sometimes i got that redstone block, BUT that wasn't the exact way to reproduces that bug - because after you place a chest on the exact same spot, you can access the items again and the chest will NO MORE (sometimes it will, after some sort of resetting something*) turn into a redstone-block after that.

    *somehow and sometimes the server or client clears some sort of ??cache?? and resets the x-ray loaded/known blocks. so you can reproduce that bug ON THE SAME SPOT (x/y). - But obviously thats unknown and Kademlia cant fix it.

    but Kademlia NEEDS to know what that "reset" is (is it serverside? (plugin, ram/cache) or clientside (hardware/client, ram/chunk cache)?, to exactly reproduce the bug after using that bug on the same spot... i guess? :P

    Maybe try:

    - Serverrestarts?

    - deleting chunks?

    - playing around with other players nearby?

    - did someone before me loaded that chunk, or was it me?

    - does everyone has the same bugged blocks - or is it clientside? (i guess before we tested this and it should be a serverside problem??)

    - because its from anti-xray, play around with nearby ores?

    We need to know:

    - does newly generated chunks have that bug "pre-defined" or does something trigger this?

    my prediction:

    Anti-X-Ray maybe detects the Chest as a "Spawner-Chest", because Kademlia would try to hide Spawner-Rooms, so he has to hide Chests from X-Ray..

    So maybe try to play around with spawners (check if there are spawners nearby?) or (mossy) cobblestone?

    Kademlia check your anti-xray and read the code from the "hide spawners" section (there should be something like that in your code :?)

    i hate english xD

    Again, this image is only an idea-concept-art, you might want use that for testing, but i do not recommend using my art for release graphics (because i draw like MEH).

    Here my ideas for research/skills etc.: thats actually all end-game stuff, i just write that to show you my idea for the future :)

    INFO: MY concept is working with a LEVEL-System on items!


    - Hunting Monsters from different planetes, some drop rare items (only if your monster-skill is high enough for that monster).

    - higher research level should increase your amount of items and the rarity / chance of getting them... etc.

    - monsters appear randomly on planetes, each planet has their own mobs (mostly just normal mobs with different skulls and armor equipped :D)



    - upgrading the skill can increase the radius/range of spotting meteorites on the planet.

    - technology can help finding meteorite-coordinates with a compass/radar*

    - the radar only works when your meteorite-skill is high enough to spot that meteorite.

    (there will be a message like: you see a meteorite smashing on the ground nearby)

    or if u have a radar from technology you can see the exact coordinates (a meteorite hit the ground on {x0:, y:0})


    - allows you to build tools for other researches:

    - radar (compass)

    - rocket-boots with all the upgrading stuff (your default idea)

    - scanner (scanning biomes, flora, mobs and more)


    based on the idea now, using flowers to generate items, maybe combine 2 different flowers to create a new mutated flower.

    so the flowers should have some preferences:

    - color

    - isAggressive

    - size

    - produces: item

    - production time

    so with good flower-combination you can create flowers with better production time and amount and more rare items... etc.


    Needs special flowers, special items dropping from flowers and mob-drops from different mobs.

    combine these things to create funny stuff. alchemie boosted flowers, your own little mobs or maybe a golem :)

    maybe to CLONE mobs like villagers, so you can clone good villagers. cloning should cost a lot then!! :D


    idk lol, maybe you have some ideas.

    i really don't know how you wanna realize the space-ships, so idk how i can put my space pirates in that concept.

    but it should be like the space pirates have 2 states,

    1. they attack you while you travel.

    2. they attack some spacestations and stations on the planetes.

    it should be like a dropevent on kadcon with different mobs, BUT the mobs should attack you and should be rlly strong.

    - killing space pirates gives you some archivements, item-drops, currency, and a "thanks" from the "intergalactical police" (maybe some "good-guy" points) ;)

    if the players who helped, wins the fight, they can plunder the space ships from the pirates.

    if they lose, that means they die in battle or time is over, then they get nothing :x.


    - these stations should spawn like villages (try to edit the world generator and put your own structures in it)

    - they can be like old ruins or real structures with villagers in it ;)

    -> you can trade with the local villagers some special technology / relics / flowers / mob-drops / etc...

    - sometimes there are special plants you can harvest... etc.

    - if you lose an attack from space-pirates on that village, you cant use it anymore (villagers / flowers ... are all dead, maybe the structures should become a more cursed style).

    feel free to use my idea or not :3 whatever you want. its just an idea ;)

    Testing my self-made (html & javascript -based) Canvas with all fdisplay-allowed colors:

    scroll: resize draw-line,

    mouse-down: draw the color you choosed from above (click on it)

    there is no "fill"- so you have to draw it all by yourself.

    maybe i add a "change background-color" later or whatever you'll request^^.

    i do not offer a webserver, but you can ask me for the files, so you can use it on your own computer! just pn me if u need it (its the first version, you cant do much, but i guess its nice to test all the allowed colors to see what we can draw with it :S)

    I really like the design from De_Kronos

    here is my menu for it.

    "history": should show latest used menus/settings... as icons (each setting should have a icon then).

    on a direct click on the history button, you should see a larger list in the middle as new page. -> there you could edit your history :) [add to favorites, remove from history, clear full history.. etc.]

    "favorites": should show most used or manually added favorites.

    on a direct click on the favorites button, you should see a larger list in the middle as new page. -> there you could remove favorites.

    the icons on the bottom left corner, should show stats like "oxygen", "energy" and "health" (maybe hunger too ?).

    on a click on the icons, you could show a popup message for a little description (e.g. on energy icon: how to get/fill energy, etc.).

    on the bottom right you can see little info about the page (if the last action was a click on : "home-button" then it should show "homepage".)


    the home button (bottom middle) always should reset the screen to the default screen.

    then some arrows to get back or forward (back-arrow should be gray if this is your first opened page or the last page for the forward button).

    middle screen space:

    placeholder for designs like from De_Kronos ...


    Gute Idee, hier noch ein paar Stichpunkte was ich dabei noch in den Kopf bekomme:

    - Items schenken (/user gift <hand | item>...)

    - Handelsanfragen (wie bei Steam) // wenn das eingefügt wird, brauchen wir keine /user gift item mehr

    - Verträge (mit gewissen Vorlagen <items beschaffen, gs ausheben> - <zeitlimit> - <contract-partner=user|all>

    - Geschenke oder Items von Handelsanfragen die nicht ins Inventar passen, würden dann z.b. beim /user load (items) gespeichert werden (wo auch aktuell Boots gespeichert wurden, wenn man Levelbare Boots durch den Tod verloren hatte).

    - Für das ganze eine API? :) <3

    Skill name: Saturation

    Description: Players have a 'saturation'-Skill

    Planets do have a 'saturation'-scale/multiplicator - Mars has 100 % oxygen.

    Planets without flora (like the cursed earth/farmworld) should have less than 100%, dependent of that scale the player only can stay a limited time on that planet to farm ressources.

    that gives you (Kademlia) a very strong functionality to handle "how much can we farm per X time".

    lets say the players saturation on earth/farmworld only endures for 5 minutes, then the player has to go back (maybe it will cast Mining Fatigue [ger: abbaulähmung 1/2/3 > increase after x time] when stay longer in that world).

    the skill can handle these things:

    - how long can I stay on planets (should be a multiplicator so its not the same on different planets)

    - how long do I need to refill my oxygen.

    Here are some examples: non-transparent version (I think you can edit this by yourself if needed ;3)

    Island Icon

    Travel from Mars to Earth (example - this should be an animation).

    Other planets from the solar-system :)

    All self-made :3