Pixelart Sprites & Icons

  • Current state of auto-generation for all options

    The idea is the following:

    1. All Options get automatically generated for the screen

    2. All Options look for "perfect images" and will use them if available

    3. If not they fall back to default-represeantations.

    Images: Default representation images of research/useroptions (and some debug stuff)

  • Ist vielleicht schwer zu erkennen, aber die Grünen und Pinken Boxen sind alle 144x32 Pixel. Falls benötigt kann man die Ausschneiden und dann die Pinke / Grüne Farbe entfernen, dann hat man das Icon in richtiger Größe + Schatten für die Buttons.

  • Current list of "Missing Icons"

  • Tried / played with scroll-bars. I realized this is not really working that well from a usability perspective.

    For example you dont want to "scroll down" on your 500 Homes-List. That is just unusable at that point.

    What would be better is "Tabs" where each "Tab" has 20 Homes. This allows you to memorize where what homes are.

    Tabs might be listed like this:

  • Possible complete use of space. The long-text version/long-text-box might be needed for some features.

    This still has two problems:
    - Switching from small boxes to long-text boxes will move options from one tab to another

    - Max amount of items is limited by the amount of tabs

    - Assuming we have stuff that needs a lot of space and allows only 5 items per page we have a max of 100 items total.

    - This might easily happen if we:

    • Have player-warps.
    • Playerwarps have description
    • Playerwarps have an image
    • Playerwarps have a "donated by" etc.

    Additionally the amount of warps then might be a LOT more than 100. In that case we need sliders again (data storing gets difficult here)

    In conclusion: we need scrollbars at some point probably