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    1) Shulker box limit is not enforced when using a dispenser

    Shulker Boxes are a special case generally on ETM (in terms of management in code as well as being OP for farmworld farming). They will be disabled at least in the beginning. I disabled them in dispensers

    2) Creative copy with nbt data doesn't work +NBT is correctly shown when in inventory

    Should be disabled now. Only known itemstacks can be copied. This means all player-heads cannot be copied unless they are saved into the official h_NAME system

    Sheeps eating gras aren't growing any new fur.

    Vanilla for now again

    The snowballs are not despawning, guess that's not good for the performance?

    Fixed for all types of projectiles. They will die after 500 ticks of flying upwards (getting pushed up).

    TigA  crazyelectronics

    Fixed the chestbug. It was caused by a small oversight in copy paste

    if (flag) {
    iblockdata1 = (IBlockData) this.blockIds.setBlock(i, j, k, iblockdata);
    this.obfuBlockIds.setBlock(i, j, k, iblockdata);
    } else {
    iblockdata1 = (IBlockData) this.blockIds.b(i, j, k, iblockdata);
    this.obfuBlockIds.b(i, j, k, iblockdata);

    While updating from 1.12 to 1.16 in terms of anti xray i accitentaly duplicated the lines and overwrote " iblockdata1 = " two times in each if case

    Terraformer is currently in the works.


    "Pond creator" might be something

    Added Useroption KsonTransactionPageSize. Dfault pagesize is now 50

    public static final Option<UserOptionType, Integer> KsonTransactionPageSize = register(new IntegerOption<>( UserOptionType.KsonTransactionPageSize, 50, 10, 500, true));


    Missing Permission check at sponge Tool (Screen of Farmworld think protected with worldGurad). I cannot use the tool on street / other plots


    Screen Cursor is only updated by changeing looking direction (rotatating the head)

    1. Was kinda shitty on stream already - change implementation now three times to get it to work with worldguard + landli + CB events. Should work now. Current drawback: Kills water AND sponges

    2. Was disabled by design - enabled it again. Lets see how much cpu gets wasted by this ^^

    server sent events could potentially also be interesting

    You are just talking about getting websocket messages if something happens on the server right - that would be the way to inform you similar to long-pulling.

    It will look something like this:

    "subject": "xxxxxxxxx",
    "data": {}

    Where data is any kind of json object and the subject would be a unique identifier for the data object

    Interpretation than just would be something like (typescript/angular)

    Bezüglich Drop-Sicherung: Wenn man mit vollem Inventar vor einem Item (x) so steht, dass es aufgehoben werden könnte und dann etwas anderes aus dem Inventar wirft (y), wird x in das Inventar aufgenommen und es erscheint die Meldung man müsse den Vorgang, dass y rausgeworfen werden soll, bestätigen.

    Verstehe ich nicht ganz. Bei mir scheint das alles normal zu gehen.

    Auf meiner Insel wachsen mindestens nachwievor Ranken, Pilze, Kakao, Kartoffeln, Setzlinge usw. nicht von alleine.

    Liegt denke ich noch an der kaputten HeightMap. Wenn das behoben ist sollte es gehen bis auf Pilze

    get all transactions that were executed after another transaction.

    Oh i remember now why i did not yet do this. The way i store the data in TransactionIDS is not ordered in the DB. So to actually get all transaction past a specific one i would need to check ALL transactions currently.
    Before implementing this i wanted to change this that the file/db representation is a normal incrementing ID and not the actual TransactionID visible to clients.

    supported long-polling requests,

    Probably not. If i go to that length it will most likely be websockets. Afaik they win the pros/cons fight over long polling (and i've done that already)

    Main-Content tab will most likely stay at 432x288 pixel

    Currently the default Buttons create a grid of 9*3 in that area.
    As we can now scroll we could add a "info toggle". This would change all buttons to bigger ones with explaination text.

    Size of these would most likely be

    216x72 (fitting the grid again)

    Or possibly

    Possible complete use of space. The long-text version/long-text-box might be needed for some features.

    This still has two problems:
    - Switching from small boxes to long-text boxes will move options from one tab to another

    - Max amount of items is limited by the amount of tabs

    - Assuming we have stuff that needs a lot of space and allows only 5 items per page we have a max of 100 items total.

    - This might easily happen if we:

    • Have player-warps.
    • Playerwarps have description
    • Playerwarps have an image
    • Playerwarps have a "donated by" etc.

    Additionally the amount of warps then might be a LOT more than 100. In that case we need sliders again (data storing gets difficult here)

    In conclusion: we need scrollbars at some point probably